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Electric heat pumps can’t compare to propane furnaces when it comes to warming up a home. Propane furnaces deliver air at 130 to 140 degrees. Heat pumps often deliver air that can feel cool to some people.

By producing warmer air, your propane furnace not only heats faster and feels comfortable, it is more reliable. A propane furnace needs to run less often. This can extend the life of a propane furnace five to ten years beyond that of an electric heat pump.

In addition to overall home heating, propane gas is a great choice for the fireplace as well. There’s nothing better than sitting in front of a roaring fire on a cold winter night—unless it’s not having to stack the wood or clean up the ashes. And a high-efficiency propane fireplace means all you have to do to start a fire is pick up a remote control, turn a knob or flip a switch.
And for those places in your home that your furnace doesn’t quite reach, try a propane space heater. Properly installed propane space heaters not only cost less to operate, they’re safe, attractive and efficient. Some of the newer models have a thermostat to switch the heat on and off automatically.





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